One quick call with a roofing contractor can save you hundreds of hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

We want to make sure you have a fantastic experience when hiring a roofing contractor so we have put together our list of questions and steps you should take to make sure you get the job done right (and for the right price) the first time.

Rule #1

You absolutely must get at least 3 quotes from contractors. These guys are trained professionals and you can easily like the person you are talking to and not realize they are charging a premium. By telling roofing companies that you are getting multiple quotes, you’ll save “thousands” at a minimum for a complete roof replacement (your welcome…).

Rule #2

You have to make sure they are licensed and insured (no exceptions). It’s not worth saving a few hundred bucks to get the cheapest “handy” guy you know to save you a few bucks, then get injured, then sue you for getting hurt on the job or get fined by the county. The should be able to produce their license number or a copy of the license immediately.

Rule #3

Try to get a fixed (won’t go over more than this) estimate or quote for your job. Contractors are infamous for finding additional ways to charge you more. If you ask, they will usually put a “cap” on your quote and you’ll know that there is no way to get stuck with an extra bill that was unexpected.

Rule #4

Check with your insurance to see what is required to get the MAXIMUM deductions from your home owners and/or flood insurance. This is no small deal. If they install a high quality roof, performed the proper way to maximize deductions, it can easily off-set the additional cost of the contractor and shingles by reducing your annual insurance bills. Your insurance company can usually tell you how much the deduction will be “before” they start work. It’s worth a 10 minute call.

We hope that this helps you feel more comfortable going into what is a major repair to your home. These steps will keep you out of the danger zone for over-paying or getting an un-reliable contractor. You typically get what you pay for so don’t jump at that first cheap quote, just check off your rules and hope one of the lower quotes is from a reputable, licensed roofing company.