Do you prefer rugged, rustic roofing, or is the smooth, traditional look of shingles more appealing? Both choices are available with cedar, a roofing solution that offers the homeowner distinguished curb appeal, and long-term durability.

Why choose Cedar?

Choose cedar for the look of shingles combined with the beauty of wood, or cedar shakes for rugged, natural appeal. Cedar is insect and rot-resistant, and long-lived. Durable cedar will eventually weather to an attractive natural silver-gray colour. Interim colour changes include natural and transitional tones unique to each roof surface and locality.

Cedar Roof Durability

A cedar roof properly maintained will last 50 years or longer, and in dry conditions may be a lifetime roof. Cedar is not susceptible to insects and decay , but natural deterioration can occur . In damp geographical locations, moss and algae cause long-term damage where a roof is wet, heavily shaded from the sun, or shielded from drying breezes. Mosses can be successfully treated with zinc sulphate herbicides or the installation of zinc sulphate strips.

Wooden shingles and shakes are combustible unless pressure treated with fire retardants. Such treatments may allow specific individual cedar products a fire rating class A, B or C.

Cedar Shingle Installation

Cedar shingles and shakes are installed on strapping, spaced sheathing, solid deck roofs or over existing roofing using traditional carpentry. Correct installation requires a high skill level and carpentry craftsmanship.

Offered in lengths from 16″ to 24″ inches and thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1″, choices include grade of wood, grain variation, butt thickness, and taper. Shingles are available as split, sawn, or sanded , and shakes are available as split and sawn with the natural grain or or split and subsequently sanded. Shingles in pre-assembled strips facilitate fast installation although each shingle must be individually nailed. Fasteners are galvanized nails or screws.

Ideal Applications for Cedar Shingles

Cedar may be applied to residential or commercial roofs that are not flat or extremely low-pitched, and also to very steep roofs and sidewalls. For areas prone to high wind and hail alike, cedar offers excellent performance and durability.

Hail Damage:
The natural resilience of wood and three-layer thick construction provides excellent resistance to impact and damage from hail.

Wind Damage:
Wind resistance is high. A cedar roof correctly installed can withstand winds to 140mph or higher, depending upon the specific shakes or shingles installed and quality of installation.

Cedar shingles remain a higher cost option for roofing, being more expensive than most architectural asphalt shingles, but less expensive than slate, clay tile, or copper and aluminum.

Cedar shingles are lightweight, weighing 2 -3 lbs per square foot depending upon the shingles chosen.

Long Life
Cedar shingles may reach the age of 60 years or more in dry locations with proper maintenance, far exceeding the life expectancy of most asphalt products. Life expectancy rating for cedar in optimal conditions might be considered 9 out of 10.

For natural appeal and aesthetics, few roofing choices offer a more pleasing appearance than natural Cedar shingles or shake roofs. A natural colour progression occurs with age, from the lighter brown tones to progressively darker shades of browns and red-browns, depending upon the grade of cedar, treatments, maintenance, geographical locality. A result of weathering, over time a fine cedar roof will offer a distinguished silvered appearance equal to none. The beautiful appearance of cedar roofing is often imitated but seldom equaled by manufactured products.

Cedar is an excellent ecological choice, being environmentally sustainable and a carbon-footprint neutral product.

Choose cedar shingles or shakes for an upscale roofing solution that offers optimal curb appeal of natural beauty combined with a lifetime performance.