Want a roof with the ultimate in weatherproof curb appeal and longer than lifetime durability? Choose copper roof shingles. Highly durable and attractive copper roofing shingles eventually develop an elegant, timeless patina formed by exposure to water, sun, and weather.

Why Choose Copper Shingles?

Copper shingles are virtually a permanent roofing solution. The durable metal does not rust, will last for longer than a lifetime, is lighter than slate, and offers a distinguished, elegant appearance second to none. Copper shingles have superior wind resistance, and their ease of installation is comparable to other metal shingles. Some copper shingle products interlock . Copper shingles are about half the weight of asphalt shingles.

Why are Copper Shingles a better choice?

When the life span of the roof is considered , copper shingles offer a low cost roofing solution compared to other roofing materials. Consider these additional benefits of installing copper roofing:

Copper Shingle Durability

Not all copper shingles are equal, but consider solid copper when it is exposed to the elements. Depending upon the chemical content and moisture in the air, copper progresses through colour changes, oxidizes and reacts with air-borne sulphur, forming a sulphide coating. Within a few years, in moist climates, the copper shingles develop the inert green-toned, highly durable copper sulphate patina that further protects the metal surface.

Copper has a Class A fire rating and is not not susceptible to insects, molds, or mosses. With superior wind resistance, copper shingles can be more than a lifetime roof application.


Installation methods for copper shingles vary with the product chosen. Installation for some products can be relatively easy. The roof substrate must be even, solid, and secure. Shingles are installed with a copper starter strip, copper nails and accessories. Underlayment of roofing felt is essential, as is following the manufacturer’s instruction for the specific product chosen.

Ideal Applications for Copper Shingles

Copper roofing shingles may be applied on any domestic roof greater than a 3/12 slope. Copper shingles are a durable, attractive roof particularly suitable for heritage buildings or estate homes with large, steep roofs where replacement can be difficult. With superior durability and severe weather and fire ratings, the necessity for replacement is less likely. If a long-enduring superior and upscale roofing material is required when replacement is extremely difficult, copper shingles are the correct choice.

Copper Roofing Shingles Ratings

Fire Rating
Copper shingles may have Class A, B, and C fire ratings depending upon the product.

Hail Damage
Hail can dimple copper under severe hail conditions.

Wind Damage
Interlocking copper shingles have superior wind resistance and excellent resistance to driven rain. Performance does vary with the product chosen and the installation method used.

Copper shingles are more expensive than mid-range asphalt shingles, but far less expensive than slate roofing, cedar shingles, or cedar shakes. Costs may vary with changing metal markets.

Copper shingles are about half the weight of asphalt shingles at approximately and may weigh up to 140 lbs. per square.

Long Life
Manufacturers of copper roofing shingles suggest that copper shingles may last a century or more. The long life of copper-clad roofs on heritage buildings confirm that probability.

Few roofing products have the timeless attraction and appeal of copper shingles. Whether new and shiny, or aged and displaying the patina typical of copper, copper shingles offer distinguished excellence in appearance.

Copper can be easily recycled. As much as 90% or more of a copper roof may be recycled.

Choose copper roofing shingles for a roofing solution that ensures time-tested durability, life-time cost-effectiveness and high curb appeal.