Do you want a more durable, better-performing product than ordinary, traditional asphalt roofing? Consider fiberglass shingles. Advances in the construction of shingles based on glass fiber mat have produced a product with a substantially longer life than ordinary shingles and can offer the architectural beauty of cedar shingles or other high-end roofing products.

Why Choose Fiberglass shingles?

Fiberglass is a tough, resilient material that does not absorb water, does not curl or dry out, and does not shrink. Shingles made with a fiberglass base mat are far less likely to shatter if walked upon, break off in cold weather, or be subject to wind damage. A higher fire rating is offered by these high-tech shingles.

Why are Fiberglass shingles a Better Choice?

Fiberglass shingles are easier to install, are more flexible and less likely to shatter when installed in cold weather, and have a longer life than asphalted felt or organic shingle types. They can be laminated to architectural quality with features that make them look like slate, cedar shakes, or other products with designer profiles and high curb appeal. Life expectancy and durability is increased substantially with the use of fiberglass in their construction.

Fiberglass Shingle Durability

Some fiberglass shingle products are now offered with a 50 year warranty. Modern products based upon a fiberglass mat far exceed the quality of the initial poor offerings based on early technology. They are now a superior product and outperform any organic felt asphalt-based product.

Fiberglass Shingle Installation

Ordinary asphalt tabbed shingles require alignment vertically as well as horizontal alignment for correct instalment. The installation of fiberglass shingles is simplified with no requirement for vertical alignment on the roof, so are installed more quickly and easily. Shingles are applied with galvanized roofing nails to any roofing surface that is clean, even and solid. Shingles may also be installed over an older layer of asphalt roofing if it is not buckled, curled and rough.

Ideal Applications for Fiberglass Shingles

Residential, commercial and heritage buildings are all ideal applications for longer-life fiberglass shingles that offer designer appeal and durability.

Rating of Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingles have earned a Class A Fire rating, a far better rating than the Class C rating offered by ordinary asphalt products or cedar shakes.

Hail Damage

Depending upon the product chosen, fiberglass shingles may offer up to a UL2218 Class 4 impact rating, the best rating for resistance to hail damage.

Wind Damage

Fiberglass shingles can offer up to a UL Class F wind rating and resist up to 130mph winds depending upon the product installed.


Although fiberglass-laminated shingles are more expensive than organic-based asphalt products by about 25%, they offer longer life and better durability which result in a more cost-effective product.


At about 300 lbs per square, fiberglass products are lighter than regular asphalt shingles.

Long life

Some products are offered with a non-prorated for 10 year, lifetime limited transferrable warranty, suggesting a highly durable roof. A life expectancy of 30 to 40 years is offered by most fiberglass-based products.


Fiber glass shingles are available in many designs and colours that offer the homeowner the distinguished appearance and the beauty of traditional high-end roofing such as cedar and slate at a substantially lower cost.

Recycle that Roof

Asphalt products including those based upon glass mat technology are fully recyclable.

For an upscale roofing solution with a traditional look and extra curb appeal, extended life and durability, choose fiberglass shingles.