For a quick and reasonably-priced emergency roofing solution repair where time is at a premium, or where convenience or the cost of roofing a building otherwise precludes more expensive options, an application of roll roofing can be an ideal roofing solution.

Roll roofing, unlike ordinary shingles, is offered as a standardized roll of asphalt-covered, mineral-coated mat and is made of the same classes of materials of which shingles are constructed. The composition of the base mat may be fiberglass, felt, or a combination of materials, and modern roll roofing products are self-adhesive.
The surface may be smooth, or granular mineral material in various colours may be applied to the exterior surface for an improved fire rating, appearance and longer durability. Roofing properly applied may last 10 to 12 years or longer. Variations have been used historically along the drip edge of roofs under standard shingles to prevent water damage from ice dams.

Why Choose Rolled Mineral-coated Roofing?

Rolls of mineral-coated asphalt product can be quickly installed with reasonable skill. It can be installed on any roof if the roof substrate is solid, good condition. A rolled product is less inexpensive than shingles ,so where curb appeal is of little concern, rolls provide a functional, durable roof at low cost. Composite roofing is easily repaired if damaged.
Rolls of flat mineral-coated roofing are considered a less attractive option than shingles or shakes, and durability and life expectancy of roll roofing depends upon the application and conditions it is subjected to.


Application of rolled asphalt products in cold conditions without care will result in cracking and failure. Roll roofing can crack in extreme cold just as any asphalt product does, and must not be applied in freezing weather unless the rolls are adequately pre-warmed and rolled out carefully. Careful attention must be paid to side overlaps if required and sealed with roofing cement. The roof surface must be smooth, clean and even, and free of nails. The roll is applied, lined up, and nailed in place with galvanized roofing nails, observing recommended overlaps as required . It should not be applied over spaced sheeting or strapping .

Ideal Applications for Rolled Asphalt Products

Roll roofing is ideal where the normal look of shingles is not required, or for smaller outbuildings, garages, agricultural buildings, flatter roofs out of the line of vision, or temporary and inexpensive roofing for emergency repairs. Other shingle products may be applied directly over the smooth surface of mineral coated products for an improved appearance as economics allow. Roll roofing may be used as a less complicated roofing system than built up tar and gravel roofs on commercial buildings.

Rating of Rolled Mineral Coated Products

The construction of rolled asphalt products is determined by ASTM D6380.


Mineral-coated asphalt products are flammable unless fire-resisting chemicals are included. Roll roofing with applications of granular materials meet Class C fire ratings. If of asbestos/felt construction, a product may qualify for Class A or B.

Hail Damage

Composite products should meet or exceed ASTM D 6163 and UL 2218, class 4 impact resistant for hail damage.


Flat composite mineral-coated roofing can suffer damage by lift and tear-off in extreme wind conditions just as any asphalt shingle roof. The extent of damage varies with the pitch of roof and the quality of the installation.


Rolled asphalt products are significantly less expensive than asphalt shingle products.


Rolled roofing, although similar in material makeup, is lighter than asphalt shingle roofs per square, as it is installed in a single layer.

Long Life

If installed correctly on a clean, smooth deck, composite surfaced asphalt will last for 10 years or even longer.


Mineral surfaced asphalt is offered in various colours but is considered less attractive without the traditional dimensioned, shaded appearance of shingle or shake roofing.


As an asphalt containing product, composite roofing can also be removed and recycled.

For an inexpensive, easily installed and fast roofing solution, choose roll roofing.