Whether living in a castle or an ordinary estate, for the homeowner with impeccable taste and upscale roofing dreams, slate roof shingles can be the material of choice. A distinguished appearance, the durability of split, natural rock, and longer than life roofing solutions are offered by selecting slate roofing.

Why Choose Slate Roofing shingles?

The cost of elegant slate roofing has actually decreased with the use of modern mining and processing methods. It is fireproof, and with it’s tremendous weight, resists powerful winds. Slate is considered to be a one-time roofing solution, for if well-maintained, slate can last over a hundred years. Slate roofing shingles are available in several mixed or natural colours. Slate tiles are as highly individual and as unique as the geological location from which they were extracted.


Slate is the ultimate product in durable, timeless roofing. Slate has been used historically as durable roofing for centuries The inert, hard rock weathers very slowly and if properly maintained, will outlast the buildings it is placed upon.


Installation should be completed by professional installers specializing in the craft of slate roofing. Slate must be very carefully installed, preferably on spaced sheathing Modern slate roofing tiles is installed using copper or stainless steel nails . Holes are pre-drilled at the time of manufacture. Offered in shingles approximately 10×16 in size, the traditional application method requires approximately 225 shingles for each square, (10’x10′) and total weight is a serious and limiting factor at approximately 1200 lbs.

Framing trusses and support to carry the additional weight must be considered carefully prior to installing traditional slate. A second , far lighter method, the Peter low slant slating system, involves interlaying of waterproof felt between individual layers of slate to cover nails and seams, and may be used on lower slanted roofs. Copper flashing is required.

A modern hybridmethod in which a thick rubberized waterproof membrane acts as the actual water shield has also been developed. The reduced-overlap and minimal 130 tile count installed over the membrane reduces the total weight substantially, and protects the membrane. After 30 years the slate may be removed to replace the membrane. Slate should not be walked upon carelessly, as it may shatter.

Ideal applications for Slate Roofing Tiles

Slate roofing tiles are ideal for steep roofs on estate and heritage buildings. Buildings in fire-prone areas benefit from having fire-resistant slate roofing.

Slate Roofing Shingles Ratings

Fire and Wind Rating: Slate offers the best possible class A fire rating. Because of it’s heavy weight, slate resists wind damage.

Cost: Slate roofing shingles are considered to be the most expensive roofing option at approximately three times the cost of most high-end roofing options because of installation costs. Cost of a slate roof varies substantially with the specific application method used.

Slate is the heaviest roofing material available when installed in the traditional method at approximately 1200 lbs/square. Weight depends upon the thickness of the slate.

Slate Shingle Installation
Installation of slate roofing has a high degree of difficulty and should be undertaken by professional installers.

Slate roofs may last 150 years or even longer if maintained properly as natural stone is resistant to fire, weather and wear. Ordinary wind and hail may not damage a slate roof, but severe impact from tree branches or debris can shatter individual tiles.

The appearance of natural slate is unequaled in choice of roofing. Available in several natural colours and combinations, slate is naturally beautiful and appealing.

Slate roofing shingles are a natural, environmentally sound choice for roofing that also offers long life, durability, and natural beauty.