Vinyl roofing has long been known as a durable roofing membrane, and is now offered as a traditional shingle product. Vinyl roof shingles offer a tough durable surface in a variety of colours and designs and can offer the look of slate or other upscale roofing materials like cedar shakes.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl roofing is divided into two distinctive types, shingles and roofing membranes. An innovative vinyl version of a traditional cedar shake called eco-Shake by ReNew Wood is manufactured of a durable mix of recycled materials, vinyl and cellulose fiber. This environmentally friendly product offers a 50 year warranty, a maintenance-free performance, and top fire and impact ratings. With UV protection and colour throughout the product, no peeling, chipping or cracking occurs. Custom colours are available. Another creative vinyl shingle product is a blend of natural limestone and resins, with the same excellent characteristics of performance. You can take a look at a leading manufacturer like GAF to see what options may be available in your area.

Why are Vinyl Roof Shingles a better choice?

vinyl roof shingles
Vinyl (poly vinyl chloride) is a tough, durable material. It has been successfully proven in it’s use for roofing membranes for decades. Modern shingles made of modified vinyls offer the same durability and toughness combined with the appeal of high end slate roofing or cedar shakes. Shingles can be used for either roofing or for walls in the place of traditional siding materials, and are maintenance-free.


The application of vinyl roof shingles is similar to other shingle installations using galvanized roofing nails. The surface should be solid, even, and be a 4/12 slope or greater.

Ideal Applications

Modern shingles made of vinyl may be used for any shingle application, roof or walls, even in extreme climates.

Rating of Vinyl Roofing Products

Fire rating of vinyl roofing products may be Class A fire rating (UL 790 ) or Class C depending upon the product chosen.

Hail Damage

Vinyl is tough, impact resistant, and has an excellent UL 2218 impact rating of Class 4.

Wind Damage:

The eco-Shake vinyl shingle surpasses a severe 110mph wind rating if installed correctly.


Vinyl products are more expensive than asphalt, but also offer a longer life with a 50 year warranty for better cost-effectiveness.


Vinyl shakes, at about 250 lbs per square, are only about half the weight of asphalt roofing.

Long Life

The innovative shingles made of vinyl compounds offer a 50 year warranty as compared to a 25 or 30 year life expectancy of asphalt shingles.


The new vinyl shingles combine beauty with durability. A limited selection of colours are available for the eco-Shake shingle offers the appearance of cedar shakes.

Recycle that Roof

Vinyl is a recyclable material and a good environmental choice.

For a maintenance-free replacement roof that offers the beauty and appeal of cedar shakes and shingles, choose vinyl shingles.