Wood has been a traditional roofing material in North America for centuries. Modern wooden roof shingles still offer the historical beauty, natural appeal, and durability of shakes and shingles of years past. For optimal curb appeal and a universal heritage look, western red cedar shakes and white cedar shingles may be mimicked, but not surpassed for elegance.

Why Choose Wood Shingles?

Wood shingles made of quality heartwood from Western red cedar offer a long life with proper maintenance. Wood offers insulating value and classic beauty. With superior wind, impact fire resistance if pressure treated with fire retardants, wood shingles are an excellent choice.

Why are Wood Shingles a Better Choice?

Wood shingles offer superior wind resistance and provide superior hail and impact resistance. Wood is light in weight, does not rust or become brittle, or shatter as asphalt shingles do. Wood can be easily repaired and stained.

Wood Roof Shingles Durability

Shingles made from top-quality heartwood red cedar are naturally long-lived, decay-resistant and insect resistant. Quality cedar roofing installed correctly can last 45 years or longer with appropriate maintenance. Some suppliers offer a 50 year warranty against decay. Shingles pressure-treated with fire retardants and made of other pressure-treated wood species are offered.

Wood Roof Shingle Installation

Wooden shingles are not easily installed, but they can placed on walls, solid roof decks or spaced sheeting except on low-sloped and flat roofs. Installation involves craftsman-like carpentry techniques. An underlayment of asphalt paper or inlay of felted paper is recommended. Care must be taken in shingle offsets.

Ideal Applications for Wood Shingles

Heritage buildings, private homes or any building that is required to have a rustic, traditional look is an ideal application for wood shingles. For a smooth look, use shingles, and for a more rugged look, choose shakes.

Wooden Shingle Ratings

Wood is flammable under normal conditions, but pressure-treated with various fire retardants, can offer a from Class A to Class C fire ratings.

Hail Damage

Wood is naturally tough and impact-resistant. Wooden shingles will sustain little or no damage except in the most extreme hail conditions.

Wind Damage

Cedar shakes properly installed can withstand winds of over 150mph. Wooden shingles are highly wind-resistant and performance varies with the product and quality of installation.


Cost of wooden shingles varies highly with the quality of the product. Top Certi-Label approved shakes are three times the cost of asphalt roofing, but are also more durable. They are less expensive than clay tile or slate roofing.


At 2 to 3 lbs per square foot, wooden shingles are heavier than steel shingles, but lighter than asphalt. Weight varies with the moisture content.

Long Life

Cedar shingles in a dry climate can last 40 to 50 years or more. In a wet climate, life expectancy is reduced because of mosses, mold, and decay. Regular treatment with preservatives every 5 years can extend the life of the roof under wet conditions.


A natural, beautiful roof is offered by wooden shingles. Cedar ages naturally and becomes silver-coloured . Preserved wood will age in color more slowly.

Recycle that Roof

Wood is a natural material in the environment and can be recycled with other wood waste.

For an elegant, and timeless heritage roofing solution, choose wooden shingles. Few roofing materials offer the same natural beauty.