How To Install Roof Shingles

There are many types of roof shingles for your home. They vary in the types of materials, longevity, fastening and more.

Below is an example of how you would install asphalt roofing shingles. There are different processes for each specific type.

The first thing you do is setup a drip edge. This is a piece of roofing that helps water run off of the roof and prevents it from running back toward the house when it hits the lip of the roof. To install the drip edge, line it up flush with the edge of your roof and mark the top with a pencil (horizontally).

Then, move the drip edge down about half an inch so their is a gap between the drip edge and the end of the roof line under the drip edge.

Now you can use galvanized roofing nails to nail in the drip edge in the proper location.

Once that is fastened, you can start laying out your shingles. The first step is to lay down the roofing felt paper and nail that in place with galvanized nails.

To start the shingling process you always want to begin at the bottom of the roof and make sure the shingles overlap the drip edge.

The first row of shingles usually needs to be marked about 12 inches from the roof edge. For the rest of the shingles, you will want to show (reveal) about 5 inches (the rest is overlapped by the next row).

To install the first row, you’ll cut off the taps on the shingles leaving the top section (the tar section). The rest of the shingles should follow the 5 inch overlay pattern we described.

The following section will walk you through the process of installing metal roof shingles.

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