Atlas Shingles Company Overview

Atlas Roofing Corporation began manufacturing asphalt products in 1982 in Meridian, MS and has expanded across North America with fifteen production plants producing shingles, foam and other insulating materials.

The Atlas Warranty

Atlas offers three-tab and architectural asphalt shingles in mid-range and premium qualities, and their lines of products are offered in three warranty grades:

Atlas Platinum: StormMaster Slate and LM Lifetime limited, 10 year Premium protection, Class 4 impact resistance, 110mph Wind, and ARS (algae resistance).

Atlas Gold: Pinnacle, Chalet and Stratford 35 yr, 6or 10yr Premium coverage, to 80mph Wind, and ARS.

Silver Glassmaster: 25 year, 6 year Premium protection, 60mph Wind and ARS.

Additional protection is available if approved Atlas roofing components are added.

Atlas Shingle Ratings

Cost: 7

From economical Glassmaster to architectural StormMaster Slate, Atlas shingles are market-competitive with other asphalt products.

Installation: 8

Atlas shingles are installed using roofing nails. Shingles must be installed on clean, solid roofing for the best appearance. A user-friendly product.

Durability: 8

With a limited lifetime warranty, high impact and wind resistance, top line Atlas shingle offers premium durability and high performance. The mid-range and economy grades offer performance equal to or better than others in the same category.

Aesthetics: 8

Top line Atlas shingles offer high curb appeal across the board from the traditional three-tab shingle look to the distinguished vision of slate for the discerning homeowner.

Warranty: 7

Atlas warranties vary from standard 25 year to a premium lifetime limited warrantdepending upon the product chosen. Extent and coverage of the warranty varies highly and must be fully understood by the customer.

Atlas offers innovation and high-performance products for excellence in roofing solutions.

Atlast Shingles Contact Info

Atlas Products
2322 ValleyRoad
Meridian, MS 39302
United States

Tel: (601) 483-7111
Fax: (601) 483-7344
Toll Free: (800) 933-2721