Decra Shingles Company Overview

DECRA Roofing Systems is part of New Zealand’s Tasman Roofing, Inc., a Fletcher Building Company that started in New Zealand in 1900. DECRA offers products across North America.

The DECRA Shingles Warranty

DECRA shingles are offered in six long-life product lines that emulate clay tiles, cedar shakes and shingles, traditional asphalt, and architectural quality shingles. Substrate steel treated with aluminum and zinc is coated with a layer of natural crushed stone bonded in acrylic. A wide colour selection is available.
DECRA shingles are Class A fire rated, lightweight, and high performance, offering a 120 mph Wind Warranty and Class 4 Impact Resistance.

Decra Shingles Product Ratings


Steel shingles are more expensive than traditional asphalt products, but less expensive than the genuine slate and tile roofing solutions they emulate.

Rating: 6 out of 10


DECRA l shingle products can be installed directly upon any even, solid roofing deck, or on battens, and may be installed over old asphalt shingles using screws or hidden fasteners.

Rating: 8


Stone-coated steel is durable, UV resistant, wind-resistant, and impact resistant. DECRA shingles will not crack, split, may be walked upon, and will last 50 years or longer with a quality installation, offering a one-time roofing solution.

Rating: 9


With numerous colours and six product designs that have the appearance of slate, clay tile, architectural styled shingles, and even split cedar shakes, DECRA offers a wide choice of attractive shingles suitable for any application.

Rating: 10


A 50-year warranty is fully transferable within 10 years of installation. A defective product warranty is limited to 20 years with subsequent pro-rating. The customer should note and understand all details of the warranty offered. .

Rating: 5

DECRA offers exceptional architectural-quality products that provide an elegant, durable roofing solution with high curb appeal.

Contact DECRA at:

DECRA Roofing
1230 Railroad Street
Corona, CA 92882

Phone: (877) GO DECRA (463-3272)
Fax: (951) 272-4476