Dura-Loc Shingles Company Overview

Dura-Loc Roofing systems was formed in Ontario, Canada in the early 1980’s and began the unique process of producing Dura-Loc granular-coated steel roofing products. The shingles are manufactured with Galvalume coated steel, ceramic-coated quartz granules, and a UV resistant acrylic. The Signature, Impressions, Dimensions, and Class series offer the designer appearance of slate, tiles or shakes in 18 colours.

Dura-Loc shingles are lightweight, strong, and an excellent choice for almost any application. The granular finish is tough and resilient, combining beauty and function.

The Dura-Loc Warranty

A full finish and colour-fade warranty for 25 years is included in the 50 year warranty. With an Energy Star rating, non-combustible Class A fire resistance, Class 4 hail classification, and a 120mph wind rating, these tough coated steel shingles offer superior performance.


The cost of steel shingles is higher than top line asphalt products, but with the long life expectancy of aluminum-zinc treated steel, the product is more cost-effective. They are less expensive than high-end slate, tile, or copper.

Rating: 7


Dura-Loc shingles can be applied on spaced sheeting, solid decking, old asphalt, shingles, or wooden shakes. Shingles lap and trim details such as valleys and hips are simplified.

Rating: 10


Considered to be a one-time roofing solution, durability is excellent. Shingles lap with adjacent panels, creating a stronger, superior-performing, more durable roof surface.

Rating: 9


With four series, 18 colours and a number of options for profiles that create the look of tiles, slate or cedar shakes, Dura-Loc shingles offer much choice and high curb appeal.

Rating: 9


Replacement or repair for failure or defective product is included, but limited liability, pro-rated replacement also depends upon the age of the product. Warranty terms and conditions must be carefully noted by the purchaser.

Rating: 6

Dura-Loc offers an attractive high-end product with superior performance and durability.


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