Englert Shingles Company Overview

Englert Inc., a family-owned business, started making steel products in New Jersey in 1966 and has expanded across the United States to 13 locations.

Englert Shingles Warranty

Englert offers highly durable stone-coated steel shingles in three styles and 20 colours emulating shingles, shakes or tile for the look of traditional roofing. Products offer a 35 year paint warranty, a 50-year limited warranty and a lifetime roofing solution.

Stone-coated Englert treated steel shingles are lightweight, highly durable, and can be used for any application, new or replacement roofing, and for residential, heritage, or commercial applications.


Steel shingles are more expensive than asphalt products but are also much longer lasting and more cost-effective.

Rating 6 out of 10


Englert shingles may be installed over old asphalt products, on any solid roof deck with a 3:12 pitch or greater, and should be installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

Rating: 7


Acrylic-bonded stone-coated steel is highly durable and considered to be a lifetime roof with a Class 4 impact rating and Class A fire rating.

Rating: 9


Manufactured to designer profiles to emulate tile, shakes, or shingles and offered in 20 colors,
Englert steel shingles offer the customer beauty combined with durability and the strength of steel.

Rating: 9


A transferable 50-year limited warranty and wind resistance warranty to 120mph is offered on Englert steel shingles that have been installed as specified. Customer should ensure all details of warranty are understood.

Rating 7

Englert continues to offer high quality steel shingles and long-life roofing with high curb appeal.

Englert Contact Info

Englert Corporate Office & Manufacturing
1200 Amboy Avenue
Perth Amboy
New Jersey 08861

Phone: (732) 826 8614
Fax: (732) 826 8865

Toll Free : (800) 364 5378
Email: info@englertinc.com