Goat Lake Shingles Company Overview

Goat Lake Forest Products is a located in scenic Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. Owners Rory Maitland and Howie McKamey employ about 50 people in the manufacture of first-quality western red cedar shakes and shingles. Established in 1979, the Goat Group has seen steady growth through a commitment to quality and environmentalism. They offer a variety of sizes and types of hand-split or resawn shakes and wood shingles, including custom profiles. Goat Lake ships worldwide.

Goat Lake Shingles Warranty

Western red cedar shingles come in varying quality levels, with warranties ranging from 20 to 50 years.Wood treatments enhance fire-proofing and durability for extended life. Contact the company for information regarding specific product warranties.

Goat Lake Shingles

Milled from select western red cedar indigenous to British Columbia, Goat Lake Forest Products provides an assortment of cut shakes and shingle choices. Hand-splits range from 18″ by 3/8″ to 24″ by 3/4″ in grades from economy to premium, for 5.5″ to 10″ exposures. 100% heartwood and edge grain mark the top of the line. Custom sizes also available. Stock types include Perfections shingles, Premium tapersawn shakes, medium and heavy resaws, and straight-split Barnshakes for a distinctive wood shingle roof.


Wood shingles are slightly more expensive than asphalt products, but less costly than high-end roofing materials like slate and clay tile. Specialized treatment additives can increase per-square costs. Longevity and maintenance is also an issue.

Rating: 6 out of 10


Wood shingles have been installed on American roofs since Colonial times. Goat Lake shingles are user-friendly, non-toxic and require no specialized tools. Basic carpentry skills are the main requirement.

Rating: 9 of 10


Goat Lake’s western red cedar is the most durable choice for wood shingles. It’s naturally pest-resistant, but does require some maintenance to optimize roof lifespan. Wind resistance and tolerance of harsh weather is fair, compared to heavier roofing materials. Rating: 5 of 10.


The natural beauty of Goat Lake’s cedar shake or shingle roofs is incomparable. The variation of grain, texture, color, shape and size from shingle to shingle makes for a breathtakingly beautiful roof. Cedar is the ultimate luxury-rustic; even flaws and weathering add to the appeal. Rating 9 out of 10.


Warranties vary across Goat Lake Forest Products’ shake and shingle grades. Product additives can alter life expectancy, too. Information regarding specific wood shingle warranties is available directly from manufacturer.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

When only the natural depth and beauty of a red cedar roof will do, products from the Goat Lake mill are a top-quality choice. Builders around the world can order stock or custom cedar shakes and shingles to satisfy a variety of architectural goals. Goat Lake’s wood products are a beautiful and “green” roofing choice.

Goat Lake Forest Products
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