IKO Shingles Company Overview

IKO began production in 1954 in Calgary, Alberta, and in 1979, initiated production in Wilmington, Delaware. IKO has since expanded across the U.S. and offers both organic and fiberglass based laminated shingles in addition to other roofing products.

IKO Shingle Warranty

IKO offers traditional shingle styles, (Aristocrat, Marathon, Gentry ) designer shingles, ( Armourshake, Renaissance, Skyline ) and architectural fibreglass laminated styles ( Crowne Slate, RoofShake, Cambridge). Shingles are offered in a full range of colours with warranties up to a Limited lifetime coverage.


The price range of IKO shingles varies from the cost of competitive, average asphalt shingle products to high-end laminated fibreglass architectural shingles.

Rating: 7


IKO shingles must not be applied to roofs 2/12 slope or flatter, and manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly adhered to to qualify for warranty. An approved underlayment is recommended on all roofs under 6/12 slope.

Rating: 8


Asphalt shingles will last from 25 to 40 years or longer depending upon all conditions and the quality of the product chosen. Heavier weight and modern fibreglass mats improve wind resistance and durability.

Rating: 7


Offered in many colours and several designs, even to shingles that emulate the appearance of slate, IKO products cover a wide range of styles and present attractive choices and curb appeal to any customer purchasing asphalt shingles.

Rating: 7


IKO warranties include Iron Clad Protection which varies from 5 to 10 years and includes repair or replacement of defective shingles free of charge with limitations, and a Limited Lifetime warranty that varies from 25 to 40 years, depending upon the product chosen. Warranty coverage is wide but the customer should carefully note all conditions of warranties applying to a specific product line chosen.

Rating: 5

IKO continues to offer economical roofing solutions with high curb appeal for most applications from residential to estate and commercial buildings.

IKO Contact Info

IKO Calgary
1600-42nd Ave. S.E.
Calgary,Alberta T2G 5B5

Tel: 1- 403-265-6022
Toll-free: 1-800-661-1034
IKO Technical Hotline : 1-800-361-5836
Fax: 1- 403-266-2644