Imerys Toiture Company Overview

Founded in 1888, Imetal concentrated on mineral production but changed both focus and name in a complex merger of IRB, Huguenot Fenal, and GPS in 1999. The resulting corporation became Imerys Toiture Group. Imerys started manufacturing clay roofing tiles in France in 1999 and now exports roofing tiles world-wide.

Imerys Warranty

Imerys offers terra cotta tiles in 40 different designs and variations of clay tiles that are curved, unique faceted designs, and flat traditional styles. Tiles are offered with a wide variety of colours with a warranty coverage of 30 years.

Imerys tiles are a highly varied and durable choice for upscale estate, heritage, and commercial buildings.


Clay tile is more expensive than asphalt roofing products, but cost less than copper or zinc metal roofing.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Imerys Shingle Installation

Installation of clay tiles should be done by roofers experienced with tile installation and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Minimum slope should be 4 /12 or steeper and specified underlayment should be installed.

Rating: 6


Clay tiles are fire proof, resistant to acid rain and high winds. Durability of tiles depends highly upon the finish and glaze applied which prevents penetration by water. Avoid walking on tile roofing to prevent breakage. With care, clay tile roofing can last a lifetime or longer.

Rating: 9


Imerys has an extensive range of designs and colours suitable for any roofing application . Unique faceted tiles, curved or flat Terra cotta offer unusual beauty and curbside appeal to the most discriminating customer.

Rating: 9

Imerys Warranty

Imerys Toiture offers a 30 year warranty on their tile products. Insurance coverage is also available. The customer should note details of coverage for any specific product chosen.
For full details, contact a distributor or the export company directly.

Rating: 5

Imerys Toiture offers a wide selection of roofing tiles and a beautiful and durable roofing solution for the customer requiring high curb appeal.

Imerys Toiture Contact Info

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