Landmark / Certainteed Company Overview

The Landmark series of shingles is a product of CertainTeed Corporation which started in 1904 as the General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Located in Pennsylvania and now part of Saint-Gobain, a holding company, CertainTeed continues to offer Landmark products.

The Landmark Warranty

Landmark shingles are popular high-end laminated shingles with best of class ratings. On various Landmark shingles, CertainTeed offers from a 30 to 50-year warranty. The heavier TL series offers a lifetime warranty. The unique two-tabbed design and thicker construction gives these shingles the sculpted appearance of random-cut cedar shingles or shakes. The Landmark Solaris line is Energy Star rated.

Landmark shingles are a heavy, durable shingle with resistance to algae growth and high winds, an excellent choice for most roofing applications.


A heavier construction than most, top line Landmark products are more expensive than average asphalt shingles but remain less expensive than cedar shakes, metal, tile, or slate roofing.

Rating: 6 out of 10


Landmark shingles can be installed on any clean, solid roof decking. Installation over a single layer of old roofing must include removal of buckled, uneven material. Special designs must be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Rating: 8


As a heavier, thicker shingle with built-in algae resistance, Class A fire rating, and high wind resistance, Landmark shingles offer higher durability than average asphalt products.

Rating: 8


The unique two-tab random cut design of Landmark shingles offers a beautiful emulation of cedar shakes and shingles. A wide selection of colours assures high curb appeal for any roof.

Rating: 8


Landmark shingles are covered by CertainTeed’s 10-year right start coverage and warranty of 30 to 50 years, depending upon the product chosen. The top TL series carries a limited warranty for the lifetime of the owner. Coverage for algae and wind damage varies with the product. The customer should note and understand conditions for the product chosen.

Rating: 6

CertainTeed’s Landmark brand continues to be a highly popular product offering the customer an excellent roofing choice with high curb appeal.

To Contact Landmark:

CertainTeed Corporation
PO Box 860
750 East Swedesford Rd
Valley Forge, PA 19482

Phone: (610) 341-7000
Toll Free: (800) 233-8990