Monier Life Tile And Shingle Company Overview

MonierLifetile (TM) makes concrete roofing tiles in classic profiles, and is the leading manufacturer of first-quality roof tile in the US. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the firm emerged as a joint venture between Boral Lifetile Inc. (est’d 1962) and Monier Inc. (1965). The resulting company now features the nation’s widest array of concrete roof tile finishes, profiles and colors along with components for roofing systems. MonierLifetile operates a dozen production plants in the United States and another in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Concrete roofing tile product offerings vary among thirteen regions across the country.

Monier Life Shingles warranty

MonierLifetile includes a limited lifetime, fully transferable warranty. The company says theirs is “…the last roof you’ll ever buy for your home.” Their products will not burn, rot or decay, suffer bug damage, or degrade due to heat or water exposure. Monier’s tiles are tested and certified according to the ICC ESR 1647 compliance report for industry standards.

Monier Life Shingles

MonierLifetile offers a broad range of profiles, colors and textures in concrete tiles, with selections to suit each US region. Tiles designed to meet Energy Star “Cool Roof” standards are available.

Brands displayed include:

  • Mission “S” and Saxony Shake for Arizona
  • Madera, in several colors for all regions
  • Cedarlite Heartwood, Ironwood, and Silverwood for 5 Western regions
  • Duralite Barcelona (tile), Saxony Shake, Villa and Slate for the same regions (earth tones)
  • Espana and Spanish “S” for Florida, in classic colors
  • Vanguard Roll in Apple and Champagne for Florida and the Southeast
  • Villa 900 in 3 colors for Florida
  • Plaza 47th Street Blend,Plaza (3 colors), and Slate (6 shown) for the Heartland
  • Split Old English Thatch, Heartland and Rocky Mountain regions (assorted colors)
  • More choices: search by region

Shingle Ratings:


Concrete tile is a premium roof product. MonierLifetile notes prices vary considerably by profile and region. Higher than asphalt-based shingles, and less than classic slate.

Rating: 6 of 10.


While DIY customers can indeed install concrete tile roofing, some specialized knowledge or tools required.

Rating: 7 of 10.


When the correct regional concrete roofing is used, the expected life exceeds 100 years. Considerations apply for the Northeast (freeze/thaw cycles and hail).

Rating: 8 of 10.


Tile profiles from Monier Life imitate traditional clay, cedar and slate roofs with dramatic texture and colors – some of the most beautiful roofs in the world.

Rating: 9 of 10.


MonierLifetile warrants properly installed concrete systems for the life of the building. This warranty is fully transferable.

Rating: 9 of 10.

MonierLifetile’s website notes “The primary advantage [of concrete tile] is the aesthetic appeal versus all other products.” Monier’s roof systems enhance the beauty of any style for a striking, elegant roof.

Monier Life Contact Info

MonierLifetile LLC
7575 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (800) 571- TILE or (800) 2RE-ROOF
Fax: N/A
Toll-free, corporate: (800) 669-8453

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