Owens-Corning Company Overview

Owens-Corning Fiberglass® Corporation began  in 1938 with a merger between Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass  with the objective of producing glass fiber.  Following the acquisition of Trumbull Asphalt and Lloyd Fry Roofing in 1977,  they began to manufacture roofing  shingles based on fiberglass mat.  
Since 1977 Owens-Corning has concentrated on producing extensive lines of high-quality traditional roofing products in addition to other building products and  Fibreglas® insulations.

Owens-Corning Shingle Warranty

Owens-Corning shingles meet all industry standards. Fifteen to twenty year Limited  warranties are  offered on  economical Classic® three-tab  and Supreme® Fibreglas® -based asphalt shingles. A lifetime limited  warranty with non-pro ration for 50 years is available on architectural Berkshire® shingles. Wind resistance and warranty coverages for application vary by product.

Owens-Corning shingles are offered in many styles, colours and  performance.  All products meet Underwriters Laboratory UL790 standard for fire resistance.   Performance ratings,  including algae resistance and  wind resistance from 60 to 130mph, vary significantly  with the product lines.

WeatherGuard® series shingles  provides superior 130mph wind resistance and treatment for algae resistance. The  Berkshire® product line, a  high-end slate-appearance shingle, offers 110mph wind resistance and treatment against algae.

The Woodmoor® and Woodcrest® series  offer the appearance of rustic shakes with 110mph and 90mph wind rating, but are manufactured without treatment for  algae resistance.

Duration®,  Premium Oakridge® , and Supreme® AR metric product  lines similarly offer various levels of protection.

Owens-Corning Shingles Review

Owens-Corning offers a competitive  range of asphalt shingles from economy 3-tab standard products to high-end architectural products.  Architectural laminated asphalt products are less expensive than tile, slate, or high-end metal roofing products.

Rating:  8 of  10

Asphalt shingles may be installed on any clean roof surface using standard installation procedures, equipment and fasteners.  

Rating:  9 of 10

Life expectancy of Owens-Corning shingles is from 20 years to a lifetime, depending upon the specific product chosen. Heavier  top-line  products feature  Trubond® sealants and SureNail® technology to assure superior wind performance. Superior wind and algae resistance ensure better durability in extreme weather conditions.

Rating: 8 of 10

Owens-Corning offers an extensive line of styles,  colours, shading  and  varied options for appearance providing many  choices for the discriminating buyer.  From economy 3-tab to shingles to  estate-quality architectural glamor, a roofing solution with high curb appeal  is available for residential, estate  or  heritage applications.

Rating: 9 of 10

Warranties are transferable one-time .  Limited 20- year to Lifetime warranties  vary  with the product purchased . Installation by approved contractors may increase proration warranty periods.  The customer should carefully note all  warranty details for the specific product chosen.    

Rating: 8 of 10  

Owens-Corning continues to produce high-quality fiberglass-based shingles to suit every application.  The attractive collection of  styles and colours offered provide durable roofing solutions for heritage buildings,  average homes or elegant estates.

Contact Owens-Corning:

Owens Corning World Headquarters
One Owens Corning Parkway
Toledo, Ohio, USA 43659

Phone:     800-GET-PINK
Internet:    www.owenscorning.com