RuBBur Company Overview

RuBBur Concepts was founded in Iowa in 1926 and markets roofing products manufactured by Hi-Tek Rubber  Incorporated..    The company has focused on manufacturing molded rubber  products since 1954.

The Rubbur Shingles Warranty

RuBBur Concepts offers Hi-Tek shingles as a long-life roofing product that emulates standard asphalt roofing, cedar shakes, or slate tile.  The extreme durability of RuBBur shingles is provided by  compression-molding  recycled,  shredded  rubber in combination with EPDM, a process that is the result of extensive research with no fewer than 87 formulation changes.  A double lifetime warranty is offered .

No maintenance is required for a Hi-Tek RuBBur shingle installation.

Rubbur Shingles Review

A Hi-Tek RuBBur roof is over three times the cost of some asphalt products, but as a one-time roofing solution, the cost-efficiency is far higher.  RuBBur Concept shingles  are more expensive than the cedar shakes  they emulate, but far  more cost-effective.   Rubber shingles are about one-half the cost of genuine slate roofing.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Installation of rubber shingles is easily accomplished using standard roofing nails and  techniques. Roof deck should be clean and even. Rubber shingles may be installed over previous roofing.

Rating:   9

The durability of Hi-Tek RuBBur shingles is superior to asphalt products. Class A fire rating, UV resistance,  resistance to high winds, insect damage, and high resistance to impact by hail make this life-time product highly durable, tough,  and reliable.

Rating:   9

Two colors are offered for the shingles that emulate three-tab shingles and cedar shakes. Shingles with the appearance of natural slate are also offered.  Under some conditions, rubber shingles have the characteristic odour of rubber when new.

Rating: 7

RuBBur Concepts offers a double lifetime warranty. Customer must  note and understand the terms of warranty for any product purchased.

Rating: 5

The Hi-Tek roofing products offered by RuBBur Concepts are highly durable and offer a long lived roofing solution with the emulated appearance and curb appeal of cedar shakes and slate.

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Hi-Tek Rubber Inc.
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Iowa City, IA 52240

Phone:    1-319-321-3040


Hi-Tek Inc. Corporate Office
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