Company Overview for Timberline Shingles

GAF Materials Corporation manufactures and sells Timberline shingles under the GAF-Elk brand. GAF Corporation itself has been a supplier to the construction industry since 1886 and is the largest supplier of residential roofing in North America. The toughness and durability of GAF products have also made it the #1 choice of professional installers on the continent.

Warranty Information on all Timberline Styles

Timberline shingles warrantees come in three distinct categories; Lifetime Transferable, 40-year transferable and 30 year transferable but there are subtle differences in the particular warrantee offered with a particular shingle.

Timberline Prestique HD and Armorshield II both carry lifetime transferable Peace of Mind warrantees that include materials, labor for the first ten years and includes wind protection of up to one hundred thirty miles per hour, but the Armorshield may also qualify for up to a thirty percent insurance discount depending on the insurer.

The Timberline Prestique 40 and Prestique Grand carry a forty-year transferable Peace of Mind warranty that cover materials and labor for up to five years and wind protection of up to one hundred ten miles per hour, with the only difference being that the Grand is a larger shingle designed to give a more authentic wood shake look. The Prestique Cool Color Series HD also carries the forty year warranty but is also Energy Star rated.

Prestique 30 and Natural Shadow shingles both carry a thirty-year transferable peace of Mind warrantee that has the same material and labor coverage as the forty-year shingle.

Natural Shadow shingles however, have wind protection of up to one hundred miles an hour, where the Prestique 30 has wind protection of one hundred ten miles per hour.

Timberline Shingles

Timberline is a good quality architectural shingle that has a multitude of different styles and color options for the residential consumer. When compared to other shingles available on the market, Timberline wins in a head-to-head comparison for shingle quality and warranty. Timberline shingles are heavier, thicker and last longer than the competition. You will have a hard time finding a better value in an architectural shingle. The name speaks for itself.

Review of Timberline Shingles

Cost: 9

You get what you pay for.

Installation: 7

The only reason for the seven is because its thickness makes it more challenging to work with, particularly in cold temperatures.

Durability: 10

There is no tougher shingle on the market today.

Aesthetics: 10

Timberline makes some of the nicest looking shingles in the business. This is truly a credit to the designers and engineers at GAF.

Warranty: 10

The best in the business. Check around and compare to see if you can find a better warranty on any shingle on the market.

For further information on Timberline shingles:

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