Uni-Solar Company Overview

United Solar Ovonic LLC is a global company founded in 1990 in Rochester Hills, MI to produce UNI-SOLAR® sunlight-to-power conversion products. United Solar has expanded with European headquarters in France, Germany, Italy and Spain as interest in high-efficiency, thin-film photovoltaic technology has increased.

The Uni-Solar Shingles Warranty

Uni-Solar offers photovoltaic (PV) UNI-SOLAR® “shingles” featuring unique triple-junction thin-film solar cells that provide high- performance sunlight conversion. The standard products are photovoltaic laminates (PVL) encapsulated in polymers stabilized for UV protection, with no breakable glass components. Power ratings from 68 W to 144W are available. A 25-year power warranty is offered .

Uni-Solar shingles offer home and grid connectivity, low light and high temperature performance, are lightweight and flexible , heat tolerant, shadow tolerant, and virtually unbreakable in addition to being more efficient than traditional solar panels.

Uni Solar Shingle Ratings


PV thin-film technology is reducing the cost per watt of solar roofing products when compared to traditional solar panels. As a power system, Uni-Solar shingles are more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Uni-Solar shingles are flexible “peel and stick” in nature, and are applied to approved solid substrates only. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. Each shingle strip is 15.5″ in width and from 112.1″ to 216″ in length, depending upon the number of cells and power rating. The 68 watt shingle consists of 11 triple junction amorphous silicon solar cells connected in series. Units are pre-wired with 22″ #12AWG lead wires with quick-connectors for ease of installation. May be used in systems up to 600VDC.

Rating: 8


Shingles have a UL1703 rating for electrical and fire safety with a Class A, B, or C fire rating depending upon the slope of the roof. With UV protection, the flexible shingle strips are highly durable.

Rating: 8


Solar panels and shingles offer an attractive deep blue or purple-toned colour that creates interest and high curb appeal.

Rating : 8

Uni Shingles Warranty

For products purchased after April 1/2009, the transferable 5 year system warranty against manufacturer’s defects also warrants power output performance of 92% for the first 10 years from the date of installation, 84% for 20 years, and 80% for 25 years. Products must be registered and limitations apply. The customer should note and understand all limitations of any warranty.

Rating: 8

United Solar Ovonic LLC is committed to offering efficient alternative energy conversion from the sun as part of any roofing solution.


UNI-SOLAR Global Headquarters
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD)
2956 Waterview Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Phone: 1- 248-293-0440
Fax: 1- 248-844-1214
Toll Free US: 1 – 800-.528-0617