Company Overview

Until 2000,  Vail Metal Products of Edwards, Colorado marketed their roofing products through Owens-Corning as part of the Miravista Designer Metals series.   In 2004, Custom-Bilt Metals purchased the right to manufacture and  market Vail products under the Vail®  Titan Select and Majestic Copper series.

The Vail® Shingles Warranty:

Vail ® Titan metal shingles are an interlocking design offered in  reflective  Kynar500® finishes based on steel and galvalume.   Vail®  Majestic Copper  and aluminum Country Manor  shingles and shakes  are also available.   Made of heavy gauge metals  and using hidden fasteners that do not penetrate the shingle surface,  Vail products provide  security in extreme wind conditions.  Warranties vary with the product purchased.

Vail®  metal shingles are Energy Star-rated and suitable for applications of all types.

Vail Metal Shingle Review

Aluminum and Copper shingles are  more expensive than  asphalt shingles, but are  cost-effective with a longer life expectancy.

Rating: 5 out of 10

At 110 lbs. per square,  steel shingles can be installed on solid roofing decks using suitable fasteners and accessories.  Interlocking designs must be  installed as per instructions.

Rating: 7

Copper and aluminum shingles are considered to be a  one-time roofing installation.
All copper roofing is subject to damage from extreme hail or wind-blown objects.  High quality pre-finished steel shingles  outlast asphalt products.  Interlocking designs resist winds to 110mph and have a Class 1  fire rating.

Rating: 9


Over a few years, copper roofing shingles develop an elegant patina worthy of the finest heritage buildings or estates. Aluminum shingles if scratched, oxidize and return  to the same colour as the unfinished metal. Vail products are designed for the appearance of slate, shingles, or shakes, offering aesthetic curb appeal second to none.

Rating: 9

Vail®  product warranties vary from product to product.  Although Vail®  offers outstanding warranties unequaled in the industry, specific warranty details for individual products  must be obtained by contacting   Custom-Bilt Metals or a  branch office.

Rating: 4

Custom-Bilt Metals continues to offer high quality Vail® metal roofing for long-life, elegant roofing solutions for any application.



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