Vande Hey Shingle Company Overview

Vande Hey Raleigh, formerly known as  Vande Heigh Raleigh,   produces clay tile roofing products in Little Chute, Wisconsin.  No official  historical information is offered on the company web site  at this time.

The Vande Hey Raleigh Warranty

Vande Hey Raleigh roofing tiles are creatively hand finished, highly durable clay roofing  products  offered in several lines and designs.  Each design,  including the traditional Cotswold,  High Barrel, Riviera, English Shingle, and Shakes,  offers  custom surface treatments and a unique, elegant   appearance.   With the superior long-life durability of clay tile,  the highest possible fire rating is achieved, and a fifty-year warranty is available.

Vande Hey Raleigh tiles are suitable for roofs with a 3 / 12 slope or greater, and are an excellent choice for  heritage buildings, estates, or  residential applications.

Vande Hey Review

Tile products are more expensive than  traditional or designer  asphalt roofing shingles. Vande Hey Raleigh tiles as hand-finished products are  more costly than other traditional  roofing materials,  but also offer a highly cost-effective roofing solution because of their much longer life expectancy.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Tile roofing should be professionally installed as per manufacturer’s instructions including necessary underlayment, fasteners,  and finishing accessories.  Clay tiles are far heavier than other roofing systems and roof framing must be adequately constructed to carry the substantial weight.

Rating: 6

Clay tile is one of the most long-lived and durable roofing materials in existence. Tile roofing is considered to be a one-time roofing solution suitable for most  installations  in any geographical location. Vande Hey Raleigh Clay tiles are specially designed for  the  contraction and expansion expected in cold climates. Clay tile is fireproof and insect, rodent,   rot-proof and wind resistant.
All tile roofs  may be  subject to damage from large hail and wind-blown objects but individual tiles can also be replaced if necessary.

Rating: 9

Vande Hey Raleigh tile roofing is an upscale, attractive product offered in numerous colours, surface finishes  and several designs, all of which offer excellent curb appeal and a lifetime roofing solution whether it be for restoration of a  heritage building,   a modern estate,  or a commercial establishment.

Rating: 9

A fifty-year limited warranty is offered for approved installations.  The customer should be aware of all details of warranties  for each specific product purchased.

Rating: 6

As “masters in  the artistry of tile”   Vande Hey Raleigh continues the tradition of offering fine  handcrafted roof tile for a distinguished long-term  roofing solution and high curb appeal.

Vande Hey Contact Information

Vande Hey Raleigh
1665 Bohm Drive, Little Chute,
WI, 54140, United States

Telephone:   800- 236 -8453
Fax:                 920 -766 -0776