Modern roofing is offered in many attractive choices of material, colour, design and durability, but for a better and more permanent roofing solution, consider aluminum roof shingles.

Aluminum roof shingles may be the right choice for your home, heritage property, or estate. Aluminum roofing shingles are lighter than steel, rustproof and stronger than asphalt or laminated shingles . Aluminum shingles are tough and life-time durable. Aluminum shingles offer a superior and permanent roofing solution to the discriminating home owner.

Why Are Aluminum Roof Shingles a Better Choice?

Aluminum roofing shingles offer superior performance upon installation. Consider the following benefits of choosing an aluminum roofing shingle solution:

The Durability of Aluminum:

Aluminum shingles are highly durable because aluminum is rust proof and strong. Aluminum does not rust, burn, dry out, crack, or rot, and is not susceptible to mold, or insect damage. An aluminum clad roof can last for a lifetime. Aluminum also has better insulating qualities than steel.

Aluminum Shingle Installation

Aluminum shingles may be installed on a new roof or over existing roofing with the provision that the substrate surface is solid and even. Direct installation over older roofing reduces cost and eliminates the disposal of old roofing materials. Specific attention must be paid to installation instructions for methods of interlocking the shingles and securing them to the roof with screws.

Ideal Applications for Aluminum Roofing Shingles

Geographical locations of intense heat, and for roofs difficult to access, where a permanent roof is desirable regardless of cost.

Rating of Aluminum Roofing Shingles

Aluminum shingles earn a Class A fire rating in providing protection against proximal fire. Added fire protection provided by aluminum shingles can reduce insurance costs.

Hail Damage: Aluminum resists cracking by hail and has a top Class 4 rating.

Wind damage: For superior wind resistance, 4-sided interlocking designs are available .

Weight: Aluminum shingles are lightweight when compared to other roofing systems. An aluminum roof may weigh as little as 40 lbs per 100 square feet of roofing. Other roofing materials are far heavier.

Long Life: If asphalt shingles generally offered in grades warranted to 25 years may be rated as 3 out of 10, and designer asphalt shingles claim a rating of 6, aluminum shingles, considered to be a life-time roofing solution, must rate 10 or better.

Aesthetics: Aluminum shingles offer elegance, ruggedness and style combined with superior performance. Aluminum shingles are manufactured to look like asphalt, tiles, cedar shakes or other specific and unique heritage roofing designs.

Recycle that Roof: Aluminum shingles made with recycled aluminum can be recycled again rating aluminum a top environmental choice.

Cost: Aluminum shingles are considered to be the most expensive shingle on the market, being at least three times as expensive as pricey Western Red Cedar shakes. The relative cost is lessened substantially by the longevity of a permanent roof.

Want to avoid having to renew the roof of your home again in your lifetime? Choose aluminum roofing shingles for that roofing project!