Modern metal shingles are a tough, durable, and light-weight replacement
for asphalt roofing. A far superior roofing product than the steel
sheeting of old, modern production methods and finishes produce tough,
durable, colorful products that can look like ordinary asphalt
shingles. Architectural, and other special shapes such as diamond
-shaped and heritage designs are available. Stamping designs into metal can create attractive, dimensioned roof surfaces. Shingles fabricated of
metal can be made to look like cedar shakes, tile or even slate roofing
and are offered in a plethora of colours and designs. If you are looking
for a durable, lifetime roofing solution, consider metal shingles.

Why Choose Metal Shingles?

Metal shingles are offered in galvanized steel, Galvalume, painted
steel, and aluminum, zinc, and copper. Metal is considered to be a
one-time roofing solution in most cases, and a longer-than-lifetime
application if aluminum, zinc, or copper shingles are chosen. Metal
products are lightweight, one-half or less the weight of the equivalent
asphalt shingle roof. Metal is shaped into sheets to facilitate
installation, but looks like individual shingles or even shakes when
installed. Metallic shingles offer a Class A fire rating and with some
types being interlocking designs, extreme wind ratings are achieved.
Metal is not subject to insect damage, mold, or decay and is an
excellent choice.

Metal Shingle Installation

The installation of metallic shingles depends upon the individual style
and varies with the brand chosen. Shingles are usually installed with
clips and screws, and some types interlock completely with no fasteners
being visible. Ideal fasteners are usually rust-resistant screws. Metal
may be installed over existing roofing materials if the roof deck is
even and secure. The surface may be space-sheeted or suitably strapped
prior to installation. Care should be taken not to damage painted
surfaces. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, particularly
with interlocking types.

Ideal Applications:

Metal may be applied to any roof with a 3/12 pitch or greater, or a less
steep slope if a waterproof membrane is also installed. Typical
installations may be residential homes where a long-life, durable
product is desired, or where large, steep roofs on large heritage and
estate buildings prove installation difficult. Metallic shingles are
appropriate for geographical locations that are constantly wet or have
extreme heat, and high wind conditions.

Rating of Metal Roofing Shingles

Metallic shingles have a Class A fire rating as non-combustible
material. The high fire rating of metal can reduce insurance costs.

Hail and Impact Damage

Some shingles fabricated of metals may be more prone to hail or impact
damage in severe storm conditions than others. Copper is a softer metal
and may dimple in extreme hail.

Wind Damage

Interlocking designs in some cases allow for a very extreme wind rating.
Installed with screws on a solid roofing deck , metal is only subject to
serious wind damage in severe wind conditions.


Metal is expensive. On the average, metal shingles will cost 3 or more
times the cost of asphalt shingles per square. Various types of steel
shingles are less expensive than aluminum or zinc. Aluminum and zinc
products are the most expensive shingles and their cost may also vary
with fluctuating metal markets.


Metal roofing products are lightweight compared to asphalt. Weight
varies with metal composition and design, but can be less than half the
weight of an asphalt shingle roof . In heavy snow load areas, a buildup
of snow will slide off of metal roofs.

Long Life

A quality metal product is considered to be a long-life roofing solution
and a one-time roof replacement. Properly installed, high quality
metallic shingles can offer both durability and curb appeal for more
than a lifetime.


Attractive metal products are manufactured to look like many asphalt ,
slate, architectural shingles, tile, or even cedar shakes. Metal can
reasonably duplicate any heritage appearance desired and also offer a
wide selection of colours and distinguished visual effects for the
discriminating homeowner.


Steel and other metals are fully recyclable and are environmentally
friendly. They can also be installed over previous asphalt surfaces,
which eliminates the necessity to tear off and dispose of old asphalt
shingles in landfill sites.

For a wide choice in styles, appearance and long-time high durability
combined with a Class A fire rating and superior wind resistance,
consider quality metal shingles for your next roofing project.